Welcome to the Northwest Prevention Technology Transfer Center!

The Social Development Research Group (SDRG) at University of Washington (UW) Washington State University (WSU), and the Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT) at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) administer the Northwest PTTC, serves SAMHSA’s Region 10: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Our primary goal is to advance the Region 10 prevention workforce’s ability to find, select, implement, and evaluate evidence-based and promising substance abuse prevention programs, policies, and practices to achieve a meaningful reduction in substance misuse and its harmful consequences.

Goals and Project Description

Funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Prevention Technology Transfer Centers (PTTC) develop and disseminate prevention tools and strategies needed to reduce substance misuse. This includes providing training, technical assistance, and learning resources to substance abuse prevention practitioners to improve their understanding and application of prevention science. For example, we can help you:

  • Use epidemiological and other types of data to guide prevention planning
  • Build and strengthen effective coalitions and collaborations
  • Select, implement, and evaluate evidence-based prevention programs, policies, and practices
  • Develop tools and resources to engage the next generation of prevention professionals
  • Identify and address health disparities
  • And much more!

Services and Delivery Methods

The Northwest PTTC offers training, technical assistance, and resources on key aspects of effective prevention at all skill levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).  Topics will span all areas of prevention to help practitioners achieve success regardless of where they are in their prevention work—from early-stage planning through implementation, evaluation, and sustainability of evidence-based programs, policies, and practices.  Types of services will include:

  • Skill-building training
  • Communities of practice
  • Post-training technical assistance
  • Trainings of trainers
  • Monthly media series
  • Conference presentations and workshops
  • Annual prevention academies
  • Fact sheets, guidance documents, toolkits, and other resources

Advisory Council and Workgroups

The Northwest PTTC is guided by an Advisory Council comprised of state, tribal and community representatives from across our region.  This group of experienced prevention professionals will advise on building and maintaining collaborative regional relationships, training and technical assistance topics and delivery methods, and provide input and feedback on tools and resources that we develop. 

In addition, five topic-focused workgroups made up of state and tribal and community-level prevention professionals provide additional guidance on training and technical assistance topics, delivery methods, and resources for our region.  Our workgroups will focus on the following areas:

  • Community Capacity Building;
  • Workforce Development and Leadership
  • Regional Substances of Abuse
  • Shared Risk and Protective Factors
  • Evidence-based Interventions and Practices